Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Application Process

Hello all.

This is my first clearing, but I’ve already made a number of offers and taken many more applications, as well as dealing with the other queries which people have contacted us with.

I have had a number of callers asking me what they need to enter clearing as well as how the clearing process works.

The first thing which callers will need to inform us of is their UCAS ID number so we are able to find your information on the system. As well as this you are required to not be holding any offers or have been referred to an institution and to have completed fully all qualifications.

If an applicant meets this criteria and we still have places on the selected course our phone and chat operators will try to complete a clearing application for you. Once completed, the clearing application will be passed to the faculty for that course and then will be assessed by academics and admissions staff.

We will try our best to complete an application for you and we do advise you to stay positive about your application and to keep a track on your UCAS track. We also suggest that you create folders or labels for the email address that you included on your UCAS profile.

Good luck with your applications, and remember, keep calm and do your research.


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