Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Can I use Clearing?

Now we are in clearing, for you the applicants this is a time where you can still make applications to institutions if you meet certain conditions. For us the staff behind the computers and phones it means getting to talk to lots of applicants, via telephone, live chat and email, to help them apply and answering their application queries.

To be able to use Clearing, you do need to meet the following:
  • Not be holding any offers.
  • Not have any pending qualifications.
You might enter Clearing if you have applied for the first time after 30th June, did not accept any offers you were made, or did not receive any offers.

Some good tips for when applying: 
  • Make sure you have a UCAS I.D. and have it ready at hand when contacting the university.
  • You can not apply for the same course at an institution that you have already applied and been unsuccessful for.
  • Keep a pen and paper close at hand when contacting the university as we often give out email addresses or other details which are useful to yourself.
  • Stay positive. It can be a stressful time applying in Clearing so keeping a positive attitude can really help.

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