Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Socially Speaking

As you all probably know you can contact us via phone on 0208 331 9000, this is most peoples preferred method of communication with us. Personally being a telephone operator is my favourite job role at the Enquiry Unit as I love the personal interaction with the applicants and being able to ask them lots of questions to make sure that they are getting all the help they need. However you might not like talking to people on the phone, it can be quite a scary and daunting thing to do; especially when making an important phone call. We do have other ways in which you can contact us. 

Chat with us online

We have a live chat service, where you can ask all of your questions to our operators without having to pick up a phone. Don’t worry you won’t be talking to a robot, our chat service is staffed by our enquiry unit assistants who are there to help you with everything from student life questions to clearing applications.

Clink the link below and a chat box will pop up in the corner:

Social Media

If you’re on the go or you just have a quick question you can always message us on social media. It’s an easy way to find out some more information about us. See what the students are up to, have a look at what events are taking place.

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