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Hey guys, my name is Ahmed, aged 19 and getting older but not any younger. Right now I have gone into my second year for BA History, and what can I say it is intense however it is fun at the same time. About me, well I have several hobbies the first being my love for cricket, growing up I’ve gone through various sports however the one I have enjoyed the most is cricket. It’s made me who I am today. What else I like doing is reading, as it’s a great way to learn how to structure my essays. I am from Walthamstow, which is in East London, living at home with mum and dad. As I said above I’m in second year, and well enjoying university life at the moment. When I first came in last year it was a bit daunting, new people, new location and well I felt a bit lonely however after joining societies, and even being employed by the university I started to get back to my old self, confident and aiming to be the best at whatever I do.

My name is Aimee and I am a second year Midwifery student at the University of Greenwich. I was a country bumpkin living in Devon until recently, when I moved to London to become a midwife. Having completed my first year of training in the big city I can't imagine myself anywhere else! Even though I have only just entered my 20s, it feels like it has been such a long journey to get to where I am. After completing my A-levels I worked in retail and as a care assistant for a care home. I gained experience in health care and saved up my money for travels in the summer before university. It was an important year for me, a year full of reality checks, successes and failures, life lessons and changes. On February 4th I received my place to study at university, and I have been living and breathing midwifery ever since. In the summer of 2013 I travelled out to Africa and volunteered in a high-risk labour ward. There I delivered my first 4 babies- it was a life-changing experience that ignited my passion for maternity care. I am very proud of what I do even though my career is only just beginning. (Exciting!)
Hi! My name is Amanda and I will be going into my second year. I study BA Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation – sounds super complicated but it actually isn’t. When I first started my course I was told that I will have to work long hours, put in a lot of work and always try my best. Yes all of those three things are true, but ‘long hours’ doesn’t mean working 12 hours a day every single day. Organisation is the key thing, without it you’ll drain yourself in all the work that you have to do, because there is a lot of it. Obviously everyone will tell you to prioritise your university course over your social life as these are very intense years but it definitely is worth it.

Hello, my name is Ann and I am about to begin my third year of the BA Education Studies programme. I began my undergraduate course in my late forties after a long career as a Teaching Assistant mainly in secondary schools and firmly believe it is never too late to learn. I am passionate about changing the definition of mature students (anyone beginning Higher Education courses above the age of 21) and would much prefer the term "Lifelong Learning student" which is a much more user-friendly term. After all, red wine and cheese are the only two things I like applying the term "mature" to. I am married with three sons, two of whom are grown up and we also have three cats. I am involved in several community based projects as a volunteer and also find time to work on various craft projects and relax with friends. I am excited about my second year working in Clearing as there is a great atmosphere among the staff and we really love helping applicants who contact us.

My name is Carney and I’ve just completed the final year of a History degree. I grew up in South East London and Greenwich is my local university, I still moved away from home though and live on the Avery Hill campus. I represent the university at Hockey and I am President of the University's Rock Climbing Society. I do a lot of different jobs within the University and the Student Union. I also work as a Bartender and an Events Promoter. I like cake and festivals.

Hi everyone my name is Charlie, I’m a first year BA Business Management student and have loved my first year on the course and look forward to my next 2 years. After my first year it has opened my eyes how many pathways and doors that the University of Greenwich have available for me to take. University was always a target for me to achieve from a young age, and business has always been a long time my future hopes. More so that I would love to be able to run my own business or work as the head of a team to get task done effectively or how I believe they could be best achieved. But in my eyes I’m still young and what the future holds for me can be changed by me and my passions and hopes will also be affected in where I want my business management degree to take me.

Hello everyone. My name is Jack and I am a 4th year at the University of Greenwich. My first 3 years were spent studying for my Ba (Hons) Politics degree and this past year I have been studying for my MA in Public Policy and Practice. I have enjoyed my time at the University as it has been a wonderful experience and I have met some great people. Outside of studying and working, I enjoy playing and watching sports like football and tennis. I also have an interest in gaming which is something I do to relax

Hello, I’m Kaya and I’ll be starting my third year of English Language and English Language Teaching BA in September. I study what must be one of the smallest courses in the university, with my classes having between 11-25 students in them, English Language. My course is all about the science and psychology of the English language and the way we learn it. I like to spend as much time out of the country as possible, meeting new people and seeing what the world has to offer, so have travelled to many countries. I also like cats and sleeping. That’s pretty much it! Enjoy reading the blogs. Kaya x

Hi, my name is Laura and I am a second year Sociology and Psychology student. I have always had an interest in Psychology, especially in the abnormal side of the course as this is where my passion for the programme began. Once I have finished my undergraduate degree I am hoping to then complete my PGCE in Primary Education. I received my place at Greenwich through Clearing and I am thoroughly glad that I decided to come here. I had the most amazing first year, where I met friends who I can genuinely call my family! Right now, I am really excited to see what this year has in store!!

Hi, I'm Liz! I’m an extremely busy person and I love it. As well as being a full time Events Management student, I am Head Coach and Vice Chairlady of the Cheerleading team, a member of the Events Society and I also work part time for the Student’s Union in the Activities team.
Originally from a quiet little town in Cheshire, I chose Greenwich to experience the big city life of London and I’m loving every minute of it! In my spare time – when I have it – I’m a bit of a gym enthusiast, and I go regularly to keep up my fitness (Cheerleading is a very demanding sport). And I also love visiting new places, in or out of London, and on the weekends you’ll often find me on a train off to some other part of the country, or Europe if I’m feeling particularly adventurous!


Hey guys!! My name is Lucy and I’m 21. I’ve just graduated with a 2:1 in Primary Education. I’ve worked in the Enquiry Unit for almost a year now and this is my second clearing. I applied to the Greenwich because I wanted to stay in my local area (as I was going to be living at home) and Greenwich has a great reputation for education courses. I’ve loved my time here at Greenwich and in my spare time I love to socialise with my friends, whether it’s at the student union or going shopping, as well as getting in to a good book. My time here has opened up a lot of opportunities (with completing placements with 3 different schools) and now I have graduated I am looking forward to having my own class this September in a local primary school. Very exciting but very scary!!!! I’m sad to be leaving Greenwich but I feel I’m ready to enter the big wide world (even if I am going back to primary school).

Hi my name is Manpreet and I'm currently a 2nd year student studying Mathematics. I have 2 more years left to complete my degree because after my 2nd year is complete I will hopefully be doing a sandwich year. Those of you who don't know, a sandwich year is a year out in industry in any company related to your degree. You will have to apply to these companies yourself with help from the university. I chose maths not because I'm super smart (I wish!!) but because I enjoyed it that much that putting all that hard work in was worth it. It didn't feel like it was something that I had to do rather it was something that I really enjoy doing. I grew up in one of the best towns in South East London - Abbey Wood. I know most of you are like huh where's that? The way I describe it to most people is it's close to Plumstead if they haven’t heard of that town then its next to Woolwich where most people have heard of maybe for the wrong reasons. I've grown up in the same house all my life which is a good 5 minute walk from Abbey Wood station, so it’s a convenient place to live.

Hi :) my name is Melissa and I am in my third year studying BSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology. I am also Chairlady for the University of Greenwich Cheerleading Squad (the Greenwich Mermaids) and a social member for the women’s football team. I work in the Enquiry Unit for the university and for the Students Union (at Sparrows Bar). Safe to say I have A LOT going on this year but so far I’m loving every second of it!

Hello everyone! My name is Michael, and I study Human Resource Management. I got a place at Greenwich through Clearing, and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. It is a picturesque university and I've met some amazing people.

Hi, my name is Nabil and I am on my final year studying Business with Human and Resources Management. I have always been keen to pursue business as a career as I believe that a lucrative business can help the local community in different ways, whether it’s creating more jobs for the local community or attracting different types of visitors to the neighbourhood. So it’s my final year at the University and programmes are currently in progress. The term “mixed emotions” makes lots of sense now, I am feeling excited, anxious and on the edge. However I need to remind myself the fact that it’s almost the end of the road in regards to studies and that the motivation for this year would be “Graduation”.
My name is Olivia and I’m a mature, married student in my 40s. I returned to education at Greenwich 3 years ago doing a joint honours BA in Education and Psychology and now I’m still going strong. I started on a new programme in September - MSc Psychology (Conversion) degree. Now via my Masters programme I am on course to obtain graduate membership of the British Psychological Society (BPS) which is necessary to pursue a career as either an Educational/Clinical Psychologist or an academic doctorate. For me, I’m hoping to do some academic research in psychology via a PHD programme. But we’ll have to wait to see if that happens….
I am a recent graduate from Film and Television Production, where throughout the last 3 years I have been able to produce and direct multiple productions, from documentaries to an episode of a talk show. My final production which I am very proud of is a web series called UNION, where I was able to direct alongside a good friend of mine and work with all my other friends. I am now looking for jobs in the film and television industry but what I really want to do is direct films, and join the list of 4 female directors to be nominated for an Oscar and hopefully win. Not only did I focus on my studies while at university I was part of the cheerleading and dance squad and in my final year I was the dance coach for the team. We took part in competitions all over the UK, including a day trip to Newcastle, 7 hours there and 7 hours back but I did get to try a parmo (the Northerners will know what that is) and it was beautiful! Having danced since I was 3 it was great to be able to get involved with the dance squad and get it out there so that people knew about it only started 2 years ago. I was not only able to try a new style of dance myself (hip hop) but I also managed to introduce many people to dance for the first time which was really rewarding for myself.
My name is Sade, pronounced Sharday as in Tuesday! Or for those that remember Sade Adu, the beautiful soulful singer. I am currently a second year student on the Childhood studies programme. I have always wanted to be a teacher. After many years working as a teaching assistant, nursery nurse, youth worker etc., here I am finally gaining my long awaited degree. After completing this course I hope to go on to study my PGCE Primary Education.


Hey guys! My name is Sophi and I am 23. I have just graduated with a 2:1 in Digital Film Production. I have worked at the Enquiry Unit for 2 years and this my 3rd Clearing. I applied to Greenwich because I thought studying in London gave me the best chances of gaining experience in the film industry, plus I think the University feels a little bit like Hogwarts. I have loved every minute of my time at Greenwich, I was Spirit Captain for our Cheerleading squad for 3 years and my biggest piece of advice for any new students is to get involved with the sports and societies. In my spare time I like watching films, reading (Mostly just re-reading Harry Potter for the 700 time) and socialising with my friends. In the future – My time here at University has really made me appreciate the High education system and the importance of University in people’s lives. I am now looking to go into recruitment and admission for Higher education, to continue to help applicants in their road to university.

My name is Stacey and I’m going into my second year studying Film Studies. I’m at the Greenwich Campus and absolutely love it! I think the campus is so pretty and plus there are so many kind people there. I grew up in South East London and Greenwich was my local university and also my first choice when I decided to go to university, so I was extremely happy when I finally got in you can imagine! I’m really enjoying studying at Greenwich and cannot wait to go back into my second year and join the Cheerleading Team, Rock Climbing and anything else that I can! I’ve met loads of great people at uni and can’t wait to meet more! : )

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