Monday, 14 September 2015

A Greenwich Guide to Freshers' Fortnight - Part 1

Joining a sports team, chicken nuggets, free stuff, Freshers' flu and lots of naps: how to survive - and embrace - two weeks of Freshers. Most of you coming to Uni will have no idea what to expect during Freshers.

When I first arrived as an innocent 18-year old, I had no idea what to expect for Freshers week, and was completely clueless in how it all worked. My first night after moving in was spent in my room eating a McFlurry, desperately trying to get my Internet to work. Two years, and two Freshers Fortnights later, I now feel as though I’ve had enough experience to pass on a little wisdom to anyone who is in the same position I was...

SUUG Freshers 2015

Many of you will have had an envelope in the post with a load of leaflets and information booklets from the Students' Union about Freshers 2015 and what sort of stuff is going on. If you haven’t, all the information about what’s happening can be found here. 

This website has everything you need to know (Including campus maps) and it will be your ultimate bible. (TIP: To find specific information, Google the detail e.g., 'Football Team SUUG' and it will be in the top links, or, use the search bar on the website.) 

The SU work really hard to put together an events timetable, and whether you're living in halls in Avery or Greenwich, or even if you’re staying at home and commuting in, there's something there for everyone! 

As well as all the nights out at the Students’ Unions (Bar Latitude and Sparrows) - there are various other events which are really worth going to! Speaking from experience, the Harry Potter Studios Tour is amazing. Don’t worry about making friends before you book your tickets for events, they will all be gone by the time you get here otherwise! Plenty of other people will have booked tickets in advance on their own, and they'll all be in the same position as you, so don't let that stop you. You might not get a chance to go to something like this again, especially at such a reasonable price. All of these events will be advertised on the OFFICIAL Facebook page.

For more about specific events during Freshers and throughout the year, keep an eye on the SU website, Facebook, Twitter (@sugreenwich) and Instagram (@sugreenwich) so you don't miss out on anything and are up to date on all the news coming from the Students' Union!


Like me, some of you will probably have received random friend requests on Facebook from accounts called things like 'Greenwich Fresher'. I imagine you will also be part of several different ‘University of Greenwich Freshers’ Facebook groups, or have been added to random events called a similar thing.

The majority of these are all marketing scams, and the pages are made by club promoters. As soon as there are enough group members, the pages are filled with posts from said accounts, and unwitting Freshers baited in by club companies with the lure of earning £1 per ticket trying to get you to go along to various club nights in Central London, all claiming to be the 'BIGGEST FRESHERS PARTY IN LONDON' and 'LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE GET THEM NOW AND DON'T MISS OUT' - you will see hundreds of these posts.

Once Freshers has passed this group becomes obsolete and is only used by people advertising said club nights, or things like Juice Plus, in a desperate attempt to earn a bit of money. For official UoG events, and a group that is used all year round, make sure you're a member of the official Freshers group.


A Greenwich Guide to Freshers' Fortnight - Guest Blogger

Liz is a new blogger being featured here, who works in the Clearing team. She's here all week with hints and tips for getting the most out of your first few weeks at university.

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